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Our call to
adventure seekers

When designing the first Iron Yak, we had only one mission in mind, to create the off-road trailer which will allow you to enjoy the freedom. After focusing on creating a perfect harmony between the air suspension, durable frame and quality materials, we now feel ready to present our Iron Yak's models. Our designing and engineering team embodied the essence of true adventure and comfort in one vehicle.

Our top priority is to give you a premium quality, luxurious and durable trailer for on- and off-road adventures.


Create a home.
Wherever you are.

Compact frame.
Maximal purpose.

Iron-Yak trailers have versatile purpose-built layouts with an elegant and minimalistic look. Every part of the vehicle, from the chassis to the interior upholstery, consists of high-quality appliances, materials and fittings. In-house build unique solutions guarantee top performance, long-term self-sufficiency and a comfort way to travel.

Unstoppable experiences, one
step away from home

  • 01 Durable and lightweight aluminum construction will allow you to be in close contact with nature
  • 02 Air suspension for a perfect on- and off-road journeys
  • 03 Independent A-arms give you the experience of unforgettable adventure
  • 04 Multi-functionality to suit any expedition
  • 05 Self-sufficient in all destinations to enjoy your independence

Adventure is
on your side

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