Prioprietary construction
and technical solutions
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solutions for
your comfort

Living space includes everything you need

  • Convenient 207x168 mattress and in option to choose additional sleeping places on the roof of the trailer in the tent or in the additional, expendable bedroom
  • Well laid out lockers for all your belongings
  • Webasto can be connected to the sleeping area
  • Large windows in the doors and a skylight provide natural light, making you feel connected with the outdoors.

Perfectly finished and fully equipped kitchen

  • Dometic two-burner gas stove with a connection on gas cylinder
  • Sink with clean water tanks, wastewater outflow and anti-frost installation
  • Gas water heater
  • Dometic fridge
  • Slide-out comfortable worktops

Spin it around!
Have a 360* look at Iron-Yak

Space for a gas cylinder
Space for a spare wheel
Awning 360°/270°
Optional roof rack or rooftop tent
Air suspension control panel
Aluminium frame
Inside - main bedroom with king size materace
Additional storage space
Shower cabin with hot water
Alloy wheels with all terrain tires
2 stove gas oven
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  • 200.5 cm
  • 456.0 cm
  • 173.0 cm

Specification IY-1 Off Road Off-road Overland

  • Total length 472 cm
  • Total height 191 cm
  • Total width 208 cm
  • Towbar vertical load 100 kg
  • Fresh water tank 60l
  • Gray water tank 40l
  • DMC 550 kg
  • Bed size 168x207 cm
  • Interior height 125 cm
  • Tent optional
  • Chassis type Welded non-corrosive aluminium frame
  • Type of suspension Aluminum trailing arms with airbags,
    Ironman oil shock absorbers
  • Body type Self-supporting, composite aluminium sheathing,
    thickness of walls 30 mm and floor 50 mm

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