Prioprietary construction
and technical solutions
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Aluminum alloy seamless welded chassis.
Made of selected aluminum alloy for enhanced durability.
The frame is extremely light, weighs only 80 kilograms.

Trailing arms
Trailing Arms

Independent trailing arms perform admirably in any conditions help the vehicle withstand any stress.


Pneumatic independent suspension with dual shock absorbers and airbag suspension.

solutions for
your comfort

Living space includes everything you need

  • Convenient 207x168 mattress and in option to choose additional sleeping places on the roof of the trailer in the tent or in the additional, expendable bedroom
  • Well laid out lockers for all your belongings
  • Webasto can be connected to the sleeping area
  • Large windows in the doors and a skylight provide natural light, making you feel connected with the outdoors.

Capable of handling your advanced cooking needs

  • Dometic two-burner gas stove with a connection on gas cylinder
  • Sink with clean water tanks, wastewater outflow and anti-frost installation
  • Gas water heater
  • Dometic fridge
  • Slide-out comfortable worktops

Spin it around!
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Space for a gas cylinder
Space for a solar panel
Awning 360°/270°
Optional roof rack or rooftop tent
Air suspension control panel
Aluminium frame
Inside - main bedroom with king size materace
Additional storage space
Shower cabin with hot water
Alloy wheels with all terrain tires
2 stove gas oven
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  • 200.5 cm
  • 456.0 cm
  • 173.0 cm

Specification IY-1 Off Road Off-road Overland

  • Total length 472 cm
  • Total height 191 cm
  • Total width 208 cm
  • Towbar vertical load 100 kg
  • Fresh water tank 60l
  • Max. Load 550 kg
  • Bed size 160x200 cm
  • Interior height 125 cm
  • Tent optional
  • Chassis type Welded non-corrosive aluminium frame
  • Type of suspension Aluminum trailing arms with airbags,
    Ironman oil shock absorbers
  • Body type Self-supporting, composite aluminium sheathing,
    thickness of walls 30 mm and floor 50 mm

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